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VIRTUAL: Starting Services with UCA

These are services for individuals who are new to UCA.

  • 30 minutes
  • Virtual

Service Description

This meeting is an introduction to who we are as United Cancer Alliance, the services we offer and to discuss what brings you to us. We will focus on how we can assist you in managing your cancer care as a patient, loved one of a patient, or as the caregiver for a patient with a cancer diagnosis. During this initial session, we will complete an assessment to gain an understanding of your needs and goals to help craft a cancer guidance plan tailored to you. We will be asking a series of questions regarding your status as a patient, loved one and/or caregiver, when you received the diagnosis, type of diagnosis, if you are experiencing any hardships or barriers that prevent care, and regarding the services you are interested in receiving. The UCA is committed to providing services that meet the needs of each individual with the utmost respect for personal care choices and privacy. We look forward to learning more about you and connecting you with services that can help to bring you peace and meet your goals.

Contact Details

Located in the suites behind RMI 2486 Nerredia Street, Flint, MI, USA

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